Sure you remember exactly where you were when you met your soul mate, but do you know the exact geographic coordinates?

When you look into that someone special's eyes, do you see an eternal love, one written in the stars? What exactly does that look like?

The Dyo (short for Design your own) Web site, can help you with these questions just in time for Valentine's Day. Users can choose from an array of jewelry and customize it with their own romantic details.

For instance, you can input where you met your significant other and have the exact coordinates, with longitude and latitude, printed on the outside of the "Point of Origin Ring."

The "Starscape Pendant" portrays yours and your special someone's astrological signs, as they actually appear in the night sky. All you need to know is both of your birthdays.

"We've been using 3D printers for a long time and wanted to make something that would help people who don't know how to make 3D printing," Dylan Reid, one of the site's creator's said.

The sweet nothings come in ceramic, brass and silver, depending upon your price point.

Reid, an alum of Cornell University, and Massachusetts' Institute of Technology alum Greg Tao, enlisted the help of MIT Professor Dr. Frank Moss about a year ago to create, which allows people without CAD experience to turn 2D drawings into 3D models.

"Shapeways makes it easy to print, we want to make it easy to design," Reid said.

In fact, Shapeways does all of the actual 3D printing for the company.

The team recently created the Dyo site for those looking for a unique gift for Valentines' Day. Apparently not all brainy, academic types are total unromantic Sheldons.

Creating something on the site isn't a "click and forget" process either, unless, of course, you want it to be.

Once you've designed your highly personalized little romantic bauble for your honeybun, you get a code that helps you track it all the way through the process, if you you like.

"In the process of ordering something, you really get to learn something too," Reid said.