Billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced the creation of the world's first gesture based CAD system. In order to develop the program Musk and his team used a combination of components including a Leap Motion sensor, Oculus Rift and several different types of projectors. The end result is a system that will allow designers to manipulate virtual 3D objects on screen using only head motions and hand gestures.

It may sound too good to be true, but for once the truth is even better than fiction. You can watch Musk demo the system in all its glory here:

At this time Musk has not given any indication of when the gesture-based 3D system might be publicly available, but did state that he believes it will "revolutionize design and manufacturing in the 21st century" once it goes live. The announcement comes less than a month after Musk made his plans for the futuristic Hyperloop transportation system open-source and invited the public to jump in and play around with the idea.

Musk might be the first person to successfully explore this level of gesture-based CAD programming but he isn't the only one trying to make the process easier. Chilean company ThinkerThing is working on perfecting technology that will allow you to make 3d printable designs just by thinking about what you want to do.