EnvisionTEC, a leading manufacturer and distributor of patented 3D rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions, has introduced the 3Dent, the newest addition to its dental lineup, specifically for the manufacture of dental models.

EnvisionTEC 3Dent Printer

3Dent features a build envelope of 279 x 184 x 76 mm with a resolution of 25 microns, and is optimized for use withEnvisionTEC's E-Denstone material for building high-quality dental models.

EnvisionTEC's portfolio includes highly accurate 3D printers and photosensitive resins for a wide range of dental applications, including waxups, drill guides, temporaries, models, partials, and orthodontics.

3Dent uses Selective Contour Photocuring technology (SCP) to quickly create highly accurate dental models with the look and feel of real gypsum models.  SCP is a promising new technology which enables high-speed curing without sacrificing accuracy, yielding higher productivity as well as better control over material shrinkage during the build process. 

3Dent features a build speed of up to 10mm/hour for the full build envelope, making it at least two times faster than any competitive product on the market today.  A simple user interface with a built-in touch screen makes 3Dent the perfect addition to any dental lab ready to digitally transform its workflow.