NickelAlloy HX

German 3D printer manufacturer and supplier EOS has expanded its material portfolio with two new plastics and a metal.

On the plastic side, the PrimePart ST is a soft, flexible and elastic material, while the PrimePart FR is a flame-retardant Polyamide 12.

The company is also offering a heat and corrosion resistant nickel-chrome-iron-molybdenum alloy that resists oxidation at high temperatures called NickelAlloy HX.

"Typical areas of deployment (for the NickelAlloy HX) that we are seeing include aerospace, for example, with combustion chambers and their components parts," EOS Product Marketing Manager Christiane Krempl said. "The material is also ideal for use in heating elements, in conveyor ovens, or industrial blast furnaces."

NickelAlloy HX is optimized for processing in the EOSINT M 280 metal system, and is typically processed with a layer-thickness of 20 microns.

PrimePart ST is available immediately for EOSINT P 395 systems, though EOS eventually plans to expand its availability for the EOS FORMIGA P 110 and EOSINT P 760 systems as well. It's flexible, rubber-like qualities make it perfect for grips on various types of tools or anything that would sustain frequent impacts.

The flame retardant PrimePart FR was made specifically for use in the aerospace industry and is available for the EOSINT P 390, P395, P 730 and P 760 systems.

With a tensile strength of 49 MPa and an elongation at break of 15 percent, the new PrimePart FR (PA 2241 FR) exceeds PA 2210 FR, which, until now was the only flame-retardant PA 12 material in the EOS portfolio.