ExOne, a global provider of 3D printers for industrial customers, just announced the purchase of a tract of land in Gersthofen, Germany. They plan to build a 178,300 sq. ft. facility which will house their R&D, production, warehouse and service centers. After the construction of their new center (which should be completed sometime in 2014) they plan to consolidate their five existing leased facilities in Augsburg.

Rainer Hoechsmann, General Manager of ExOne GmbH, commented, "We were fortunate to secure a strategic location for our new facility, located in an industrial region directly on a German autobahn. This provides easy access to our growing customer base, our vendors, as well as our employees. Consolidating all of our activities, which include production, warehousing, a production service center, an R&D lab, as well as our European headquarters, into a single facility will further improve our efficiency, enhancing our ability to service our customers."

ExOne has hired Goldbeck Süd GmbH to design and construct the new facility. The projected cost of the project is approximately $20,000,000.