The ExtrusionBot has quickly surpassed its humble Kickstarter goal of $10,000. It is touted as the world's fastest home built automatic filament extrusion Bot, able to spit out ABS and PLA at up to 4 ft/minute (1.22 m/minute). The campaign's video demonstrates the speed, including sixty seconds of footage showing the unit producing over 48 inches of filament. The same video depicts a functional filament spooler, a convenience not included with the highly successful Filastruder campaign earlier this year.

The advantages of making your own filament with a device such as the ExtrusionBot are fairly straightforward. Raw plastic pellets generally cost 10% of an equal weight in standard filament, resulting in significant savings over time.  It also allows a degree of experimentation. Pellet colors can be varied in the hopper while the filament is being made, creating filament that changes color while being 3D printed.

Color filament samples made with ExtrusionBot

ExtrusionBots come with 1.75 and 3 mm nozzles, which are easily swapped. Both ABS and PLA work as source material, but others are being tested. The path can be cleaned by simply running the machine with no nozzle attached.  The unit's footprint is smaller than any previous filament maker, at 7 x 10 inches.

When asked about the difficulty of increasing production, should the campaign meet great success, Mark Dill, the ExtrusionBot's creator said, "Not a problem. We have planned for at least 500 units and we have multiple sources for everything we need to do it. Getting ExtrusionBots to the backers on time is our number one priority."

Available pledges start at $365 for an unassembled kit. On the top end, it's $675 for a completely assembled and tested Limited Edition Ferrari Red ExtusionBot, plus 5 lbs. of PLA or ABS pellets.