Colorado-based EZ3D has launched a crowd-funding effort on Kickstarter, with a goal of raising $25,000 for continued development.  An FFF design made mostly of 3D printed parts, the EZ3D personal printer is the brainchild of Jake and Jerry Wood.  Its conception is the result of the father and son team's time spent with three other printers, experiences they describe as being unreliable, having a steep learning curve and an array of software that is too segmented for the average user to understand.

Using a belt and pulley counterweight system instead of the standard screw drive, the colorful printer has a healthy build envelope of 200 x 210 x 220 mm and comes with a heated build platform.  For materials, it can use 1.75 mm ABS or PLA, printing on a hi-temp glass surface cover (included).  At first glance, the printer's proprietary software looks impressive.  It incorporates a database for objects, sources and vendors, plus comes with popular features such as stored print job profiles and automatic temperature and filament management.

Pledges qualifying for a fully assembled printer start at $1,575.  The campaign runs through April 21st of 2013.

EZ3d Printer    EZ3D Printer