Florida-based Filastruder's at-home filament making machine has been warmly received on Kickstarter, approaching $50,000 in funding near the end of its second day, humbling the original goal of $5,000.  The project was fully funded in one hour.

The system works by filling a feeding container raw plastic pellets, which the device then converts into filament via thermoplastic extrusion at a rate of six to eighteen inches per minute.  The cost of the pellets is roughly 10% of an equal weight in standard filament, resulting in significant savings over time.  The extruded filament can be either 1.75 or 3 mm and colorant can be added for color variations.

DIY kits can be had for a pledge of $200, while fully assembled units are going for $300.  Encouragement backing is also available, starting at $15.  The 3D Printer World staff highly recommends that readers take a look, even if they aren't interested in making their own filament.  The marketing video alone is worth the time.