ORD Solutions, an upstart Canadian 3D printer manufacturer, say their single-nozzle 3D printers are hardly the end of the story.

Their Kickstarter campaign is aimed at creating a 3D printer with up to five extrusion nozzles to allow printing of up to five different colors throughout a single object without stopping to switch over filament.

Five nozzle printer wireframe diagramThey also say their design will allow for using three of the five nozzles for different colors and perhaps a larger nozzle for faster infilling and yet another for support material.

ORD also plans to upgrade the hotend to an all-metal piece which will make it possible to print at temperatures above 350C. That higher temperature output means their machine is capable of using various 3D filament materials such as polycarbonate, ABS, PLA or vinyl.

An increased build volume – they say the goal is 11.1" by 10.65" by 6.5" – won't come at the cost of the current desktop footprint.

Additional upgrades like an extruder with a quick release latch to make changes to the filament will cut the changeover time down to 10 seconds and a heated bed platform will achieve printing temperatures in under a minute.

The newest ORD machine comes with bundled software and a set of simple instructions for use.

Customized nozzles like those suitable for faster infilling and a choice of filament type and color can be specified at the time of campaign pledges are made.

A commitment of just over $1600 gets you an ORD 3D printer with the number of nozzles you specify, shipped right to your door.

They estimate the delivery date as sometime in January of 2014.