After many weeks of beta testing and tweaking, Formlabs has announced that the Form 1 3D printer is entering into full production.

In 2011, Formlabs spun off from the MIT Media Lab to develop a low cost, high resolution 3D printer that would enable designers and engineers to create 3D forms with the touch of a button. The company launched the Form 1 on Kickstarter, raising almost $3 million in pre-orders after asking for just $100,000.

Instead of using traditional melting methods, Formlabs employs stereolithography, a commercial grade technique to solidify plastics, giving users the ability to achieve a high level of detail and precision heretofore unseen in the consumer 3D printer marketplace.

However, before going into production FormLabs was sued for patent infringement by 3D Systems. It’s unclear where that lawsuits stands, but the company is obviously pressing on, announcing on its blog that after multiple rounds of improvements, component testing, and revisions, the Form Team is readying its production lines to test a small batch of Form 1s before setting specific delivery dates to fulfill the “large majority of Kickstarter printers by the end of April.”