Formlabs Tough Resin 1 Liter bottle

Formlabs has released a new material for its Form 1 and Form 1+ SLA printers called Tough Resin.  It is designed for applications in engineering and prototyping where part toughness is desired. The company claims the new resin can produce strong, sturdy printed objects with properties similar to ABS. 

Tough Resin has been engineered for applications that require performance under stress or strain.  Parts made with the new material are intended to be capable of absorbing high-impact and other mechanical stressors that would normally cause 3D printed parts to snap or shatter.

"Engineering and prototyping are a really important application of 3D printing. We’re excited to release our new Tough Resin because now Form 1+ users can create high resolution prints in a really durable, resilient material," said Formlabs co-founder, Max Lobovsky. "Developing new high-quality materials continues to be a really important focus for us. Every time we release a new material, we create new possibilities for every Form 1+ user and build a more compelling experience."

Formlabs created a Rube Goldberg machine – an intentionally over-engineered mechanical device – to demonstrate Tough Resin's functionality.