zomg glitter

Always a step ahead of analyst predictions, Form 1+ manufacturer Formlabs is acknowledging a recent burst of 3D printing interest in the fashion industry with Glitter Resin.

Expected to be popular with the under 18 female demographic and baby boomers reminiscing over the disco age, Glitter Resin was developed in secret by the company's chemistry gurus at its secured Boston facility. The material will be available in multiple colors and is being touted as the next logical step in 3D printed knick knacks and perhaps even jewelry.

"A lot of hard work and development went into glitter resin. It's a fine balance between printability and glam, and I think we nailed it. We can't wait to see what our users do with it," said Formlabs' material scientist Lindsay Hunting.

Full of glitter is full of win.

Product marketers take note. Consumer testing indicates the average individual is much more fascinated by a sparkly object than by a bland, matte finish one. It seems reasonable to assume this would apply across the board for everything from signs to smartphone cases, or at the very least, to differentiate one sample Yoda bust from another at a local Comic-Con.

As an added benefit, Glitter Resin can be mixed with Clear Resin to produce objects of 3-dimensional reflective light depth. The world may be closer than ever to the elusive Thousand Points of Light.

When asked about Glitter Resin's potential to change the industry, Sara Bonomi, Formlabs EU Marketing Manager, responded thoughtfully.

"Happy April Fools," said Bonomi.