The lives of anyone using MODO 3D modeling software just got a lot easier thanks to The Foundry's revolutionary, and just released, MeshFusion plugin.

MeshFusion takes away the challenge of complex boolean operations and makes the process of producing high quality models consistent and accurate.

Created by Braid Art Labs, the new plugin is based on GroBoto technology and was developed solely for MODO 071 SP4.

MeshFusion allows modelers to interactively blend, add and subtract objects to create consistently high quality subdivision surface (SDS) models faster and more efficiently than ever before. Deformers and other features also give them more freedom to experiment.

The final mesh output is a single unified mesh ready for further editing or export to .STL for 3D printing. Modelers can also edit assembly instructions creatively with three intuitive editing modes (3D Tree Fusion, Schematic Fusion and Fusion Strip).

MeshFusion is available at the special introductory price of $299 through February 10th. That's a discount of up to 25 percent.

A full list of features includes:

  • Interactive live booleans based on Catmull–Clark subdivision surfaces (SDS).
  • Works with MODO's full slate of modeling tools.
  • Editable Fusion Strips (edge loops), that automatically blend surfaces along boolean intersections. 
  • Easy click­haul editing.
  • Watertight mesh export to .STL.
  • Convert to standard MODO meshes for further modeling and/or retopology.
  • Animate and render live boolean connections.
  • Custom '3D Boolean Tree' UI with drag and drop editing directly in the 3D viewport.
  • MODO Schematic View boolean editing with a complete set of standard boolean nodes.
  • Add mesh items to the schematic via drag and drop in 3D viewports.
  • Custom editing layouts, with optimized display settings for MeshFusion modeling.
  • Additional custom scripts to help manage, manipulate and model complex boolean models.
  • 3D 'Qbic' mesh primitives included — perfect for MeshFusion modeling.