Full Spectrum Laser, through their FSL3D subsidiary, debuted a pair of laser and 3D printer engineering and manufacturing solutions with two new, high-resolution, digital light 3D resin printers intended for the jewelry and dental markets at the 3D Printer World Convention and Expo in Burbank, taking place right now.

Founded in 2010 in a Las Vegas garage by a Stanford PhD, FSL and its 3D printing subsidiary, FSL3D, design, manufacture and sell a full range of consumer focused and industrial-grade laser products which include cutting and engraving lasers and printers.

FSL burst on the scene with a Kickstarter campaign which pulled in a massive $819,000, and they didn't stop there. The company went on to notch another infusion of $10 million cash via Summer Street Capital and the funds have been spent on research and development.

Leading the new line is the Phoenix Touch 1080P DLP 3D Printer which uses light projectors (DLP) to expose images into light-hardening liquid resin.

The key to the technology is that as the entire 2D field is exposed at once, DLP technology is capable of much faster print times – and at no loss of final print quality. Phoenix Touch 1080P devices come with a built-in, standalone touchscreen computer, advanced software for Macintosh or Windows and feature a ball screw for the highest Z-axis motion accuracy in the industry.

The XY pixel resolution of the 1080DP is an exceptionally sharp 50um, and with a build volume of 96mm x 54 mm x 100mm and patent-pending SuperVAT technology, the Phoenix Touch line of 3D printers replaces consumable PDMS-type build containers common on many printers. The system means faster and more reliable prints, and it does so without the costs and time involved in changing out those PDMS vats.

The second model in the new line, the Phoenix Touch Pro UV LED, features essentially the same platform as the Phoenix Touch 1080P – but with a twist.

The Touch Pro UV LED makes use of an upgraded, all-glass optics projector that includes a high-efficiency UV LED with a 20,000-plus hour lifetime. With a build volume of 64mm x 40mm x 100mm and a powerful, single wavelength UV LED, the Phoenix Touch Pro features cure times up to 10 times shorter per layer than halogen bulb-based DLP printers. Full Spectrum says it's these specialty optics which ensure the sharpest and most accurate prints.

FSL3D also announced the availability of a variety of new materials at the 3D Printer World Convention and Expo.

One, a flexible resin, features rubber-like characteristics and it's ash-free. The material functions as a direct, castable resin for making metal parts such as rings and dental implants. The superior material qualities have the additional benefit of falling within a price point which is, on average, 33 percent less than competitor's materials.

FSL3D says the Pegasus Touch series is a direct descendant of the company's long experience and expertise with laser technology.

The Pegasus Touch series offer high resolution, a large build area and smart Internet connectivity to along with a built-in, patent-pending, touchscreen-driven 3D Printing App Store.

The Phoenix Touch 1080P DLP 3D Printer retails for $3499, and the Phoenix Touch Pro UV LED D3D Printer retails for $4999.