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Full Spectrum Laser LLC of Las Vegas, Nev. and its 3D printer manufacturing subsidiary, FSL3D, have received $10 million in growth equity investment from Summer Street Capital, a private equity fund based in Buffalo, NY.

FSL3D arrived on the 3D printer scene with a January, 2014 Kickstarter campaign for its Pegasus Touch SLA printer. An established laser products manufacturer, the company had no trouble convincing backers of their expertise and were rewarded with $819,535 in funding, over eight times the campaign's goal.

The Pegasus Touch uses a custom UV laser controlled by FSL's proprietary laser controls to deliver professional quality cured resin 3D prints. Capable of printing at a range of layer thicknesses from 25 to 100 microns with 3 micron XY resolution, the device utilizes ethernet, USB or WiFi for connectivity. It has a built-in touchscreen computer with 3D App Store and comes with its own desktop software for slicing and automatic support creation. Its maximum build area is 7" x 7" x 9".

FSL is set to unveil its patent pending SuperVat™ at CES 2015 and at 3D Printer World in Burbank, Calif., January 29-31, 2015. New proprietary resins are also in development, including castable and flexible, and the company is in the process of setting up overseas production to keep up with demand, which is exceeding its current assembly line.

Starting at under $3,000, the Pegasus Touch is designed for both consumer and professional applications.

FSL intends to use the financing to expand R&D teams and develop sales, marketing and customer support initiatives. Plans include accelerated development of their next generation affordable laser cutting/engraving and 3D printing platforms in order to capitalize on significant market demand for its products. The company is actively hiring.

"Our partnership with Summer Street represents a significant milestone in our strategic growth plan. We are excited to accelerate our already rapid growth in the 3D printing market and continue to expand our laser cutting and engraving business," said Henry Liu, PhD, Founder and CEO of FSL and FSL3D.

Founded in a garage in 2010 by a Stanford PhD, FSL and FSL3D manufactures and sells a wide range of consumer and industrial grade laser products with a price/performance focus.

Garth Troxell, a Partner at Summer Street Capital, said "FSL has assembled a highly talented team and we're excited by the prospects for the Pegasus Touch and the 2D laser cutters and engravers, as well as additional 3D printers FSL currently has in development utilizing other technologies and materials. Each of these product offerings has excellent growth potential."