Left is Mark Vaes of Additive Industries, Right is Andrew Martin of GE Aviation


LEAP nozzle

On Thursday, April 24th, GE Aviation received the Additive World Award for Best Industrial Application for their 3D printed fuel nozzle used in the new LEAP passenger jet engine.

Each LEAP engine has 19 nozzles 3D printed with direct metal laser melting using cobalt-chromium alloys, a material employed for decades in joint replacements and dental implants. The alloys are light, tough and corrosion resistant, and can operate in temperatures as high as 982°C. The new nozzle design is 25 percent lighter and up to five times more durable than the previous nozzle made from 20 different parts.

The Additive World Awards are given by Additive Industries to honor and encourage the development of dedicated industrial designs for additive manufacturing and new applications inspiring other industries to implement 3D metal printing as a valuable production technology.

The award was accompanied by the following statement from Additive Industries. "With this fuel nozzle they have had an important impact on the worldwide acceptance of additive manufacturing as a reliable technology for critical functional parts."

GE Aviation's Andrew Martin accepted the award on behalf of Greg Morris, GE Additive Strategy and Business Development and leader of the fuel nozzle design team.

LEAP engine