If you want simplicity and reliability in your 3D printer, the folks at Cel and Robox are hoping you'll give their machine a look.

Key to the Robox project is a printer that the company says is extremely easy to set up and use – simply choose the design to print and press start. Using the company's AutoMaker™ software, Cel says simplicity and usability fall within the purview of experts and novices alike.

Featuring what they call "a proprietary bed probing mechanism," the build platform is automatically monitored and corrected to make sure the first layer adheres evenly and follows through from there throughout the process. A closed feedback loop, dual-pinch-wheel extrusion system is used to insure that the chosen printing material is fed into the printer head evenly.

Robox's dual nozzle print headThe Robox uses a dual-nozzle system (also of proprietary design) which the company says will improve print speeds by up to 300% over similar machines. One nozzle is designed to print detailed surfaces, while the other fills in larger areas – at a much higher speed – and a needle-valve system stops 'ooze' and 'stringing' from the nozzles.

By adding a second extruder, the Robox allows for dual-color printing or printing different materials simultaneously. The HeadLock™ system is designed to allow for different heads to be quickly assembled to perform a range of different functions.

The HeadLock™ system, demonstrated

Chris Elsworthy, the CEO of Robox, says that as 3D printing becomes increasingly popular, his company aims to bring the technology into the mainstream.

"In Robox, we believe we've come up with a comprehensive micro-manufacturing solution that fits into any home or workplace environment," Elsworthy said. "Now we want to make sure Robox gets into the hands of real users that will share their experiences and help feed back into the final development process. Our dream is to have a Robox in every classroom, office, and home – allowing every inventor, tinkerer, hacker, and parent to enjoy the benefits of 3D printing."

For more information about Robox, you can visit their website at www.CEL-robox.com, or check out their Kickstarter campaign here...