Avante Technology, LLCYou can now quickly check to see if a CAD file or scanned image is saved as a valid or 'water-tight' STL file, and if it's not, automatically repair it using Emendo, a utility from Avante Technology, LLC.

As STL files define the surface of the part to be printed, they need to be free of holes or inconsistencies like, say, the dreaded "zero thickness wall."

Emendo Automated STL File Repair and Validation software is a platform which automatically analyzes, repairs and validates STL files to ensure accurate technical representation before printing, and Avante say it will help avoid problems which might creep into any CAD or scan file that would cost you time and material.

Emendo wrenchUnlike 2D graphics files, 3D STL files can contain errors not easily seen or identified by source application software, but Emendo provides the user with a 3D view of the file, highlighting the location and type of errors found in the file. Not only does this functionality help users learn how to design better CAD files, it also locates the cause of problems that require manual re-design before printing.

It works like this: Drag and drop a file to the Emendo application and it automatically checks and validates the STL file. If the file needs repair, a dialog box presents the user with the option to repair the file. When the user selects "repair," Emendo automatically repairs the file and presents a graphic display of the errors found, and it does that according to location and type. When the user saves the repaired file, they have the option to re-name it as a separate file or replace the original STL file with the repaired version.

Tiny inaccuracies in a 3D model representing an object in the STL format can be included in the output of a given object due to the use of floating point calculations which create tiny rounding errors in the complex mathematical algorithms defining an object in 3D dimensions. As there are potentially millions of 3D triangular facets representing a given object, those very tiny rounding errors can add up to a big problem.

Unlike most other mesh repair software, Emendo uses a unique, proprietary set of algorithms that makes repairs with the highest accuracy at relatively high speeds to provide a more accurate repair to the STL file.