Get your decryption hack on and knock $150 off the price of a Series 1 3D Printer from Type A Machines.

Back in 1993, it all started as a party for a hacking network out of Canada and the shutdown of a group of BBS systems and their users. If you happen to be a Phreak, you'll note that "DEF" corresponds to the #3 on your phone, and if you're into military terminology, you know that DEF CON is short for "Defense Condition."

DEF CON is one of the world's largest annual hacker conventions, and it's held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among its attendees, DEF CON numbers computer security professionals, media, attorneys, government employees, security researchers and perhaps most importantly, a community of hackers with a general interest in software, computer architecture, phone phreaking, hardware mods and anything "hackable."

During this year's DEFCON Hacking Conference, running from August 1st–4th in Las Vegas, Nevada,

Type A Machines is not only demoing its Series 1 3D printer, they're offering to knock a serious chunk of change off the price of their product ($150) – if you have the H4Ckz0r5 to crack the code.

Sara Bonomi of Type A Machines says there's an excellent reason for their participation in what's essentially a code-focused meeting of the minds.

"Because Type A Machines strongly believes in enabling its community to hack, modify and break our machine, the DEF CON community is a great example of how this actually benefits the company and other customers," Bonomi said. "Having users explore security risks, take apart our machine and modify it to do weird and wonderful stuff contributes to the resilience, robustness and reliability of the Series 1 3D printer."

So, what do you have to do to get the discount?

Just figure out the code encrypted into a numerical sequence and you can access the discount. It's valid until August 31, 2013, so start saving up your cash once you've smashed the key.

The code?

The Series 1 boasts a 50 micron minimum layer height and a 10 x 9 x 9 inch build envelope.

"Thanks to our users' feedback, we've added some new features to further increase the usability of the Series 1," Bonomi said. "The new Series 1 features an easily removable build surface, so it's easier to take a print off the bed once it's done and the extruder drive is custom-machined out of solid aluminum. A simple lever system makes for easier plastic changes."