Helian Polymers, a relatively young Netherlands-based international trading company specializing in masterbatches and additives for plastics and polymers, has introduced ColorFabb, a brand of filaments for 3D printing. Helian Polymers launched ColorFabb to provide 3D printer users with a rich portfolio of colors that are affordable and high quality, according to company execs.

The ColorFabb team consists of several 3D printing enthusiasts who recognized the need and growing demand for high quality filaments and decided to create their own line of polylactic acid (PLA) filaments. PLA is a biodegradable starch-based (corn/tapioca roots/sugar cane, etc.) polymer that is very durable as long as it's not exposed to high temperatures.  

The company currently offers 3.00mm filaments in 12 stock colors as well as nine custom, three special effect and two transparent colors. Management also intends to offer 1.75 mm filaments in the near future.

The ColorFabb webshop opened in late March and distributes worldwide.