3D Systems is hoping to expose its brand to a larger audience with the help of Black Eyed Peas front man Will.i.am.

As the company's newly named chief creative officer, Will.i.am will be involved in taking 3D System's name to a mainstream audience through major collaborations with creative brand partners, innovative global campaigns and educational challenges designed to grow the popularity of 3D printing.

"We're excited to partner with a pop culture influencer of Will.i.am's caliber who really gets 3D printing and its potential," 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental said. "Will.i.am is a global tastemaker who embodies the essence of creativity and entrepreneurship, and we are fortunate to have him as our guide on this exciting journey."

Will.i.am is best known as a member of the hip hop band the Black Eyed Peas, which found major success in the early to mid-2000s, selling more than 56 million records with albums like "Elephunk" and singles like "Where's the Love?"

Will.i.am wrote the group's biggest hit "My Humps" and has won seven Grammy Awards and eight American Music Awards. He has also worked in the producer's booth for recording artists like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson.

"3D printing lets you get involved, be a part of the creative process and the story of the items you make," Will.i.am said. "For me it's a dream come true to work with 3D Systems, the company that invented 3D printing and launched an entire platform that all other industries depend on. I am so thrilled to begin to fuse my creativity and experience with the technology that is poised to change how we create, make and express ourselves."

His non-profit foundation focuses on helping students with building science, technology, engineering, arts and math skills. The foundation also offers college scholarship assistance, and operates a mortgage relief program and financial literacy workshops.

Based in Rock Hill, S.C., 3D Systems is an industry leader in manufacturing and supplying 3D printers, as well as other hardware and software.