Build party or barn raising?  You make the call.

Disclaimer: Live Human.  Not an actual 3D print.Riddle me this: What stands 15 feet tall, consumes plastic pellets by the drum and can print out the world's largest statue of John Cougar Mellencamp?

Answer: It's the world's largest Delta 3D printer from Indiana 3D printer manufacturer SeeMeCNC.

And it's more than just an exercise in huge. This printer uses plastic pellets rather than filament to build very, very large 3D objects. The Partdaddy 3D Printer also includes an interchangeable set of nozzles in diameters of 6.35 or 7.25mm.

The titanic 3D Printer can output objects nearly 10 feet high and with a diameter of 4 feet in a single run.

The company also operates SeeMeEducate, and in conjunction with their cutting edge and affordable 3D printers, they offer customer support, online community resources and materials to give educators a start in classroom-based 3D printing.

Unlike some manufacturers that build big money industrial-grade printers or pile up the Kickstarter cash, SeeMeCNC came to life out of an already successful, old-line machine shop and plastics manufacturing operation based in Goshen, Indiana.

That's one tall printer.

Steve Wygant, an engineer who founded Blackpoint Engineering (the parent company of SeeMeCNC) back in 1996 made his bones in the custom molding and die-making business by manufacturing everything from medical instruments to paintball related parts. Once Steve met his partner, John "Oly" Olafson at the NY maker Faire, the pair were off and running in the 3D printer manufacturing game.

You can read an interview with Wygant and Olafson here.

SeeMeCNC also makes the Rostock MAX and the ORION model desktop 3D Printers and they carry a wide-ranging line of 3D printing filament, parts and accessories.

Made from machined aluminum parts built in-house by SeeMeCNC, this behemoth will surely be one of the featured attractions at next week's Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford, in Dearborn, Michigan.

Rest assured that on the 26th and 27th of July, the folks in Detroit will be gathered around the Partdaddy and staring skyward.