Earlier this month we profiled HYREL's hot swappable extruder system, as the Georgia-based 3D printer manufacturer announced it had effectively printed using a couple different kinds of clay and Plasticine.  At that time, the emulsifiable extruder used to print the soft materials was dubbed the EMO1.  It has since been renamed the EMO-25 and Sugru is the latest material successfully tested with it.

Sugru, an elastomer also known as Formerol F.10, is a popular self-setting rubber commonly used for fixing and making things.  It can be molded like clay and it will bond to most surfaces.  It cures into a flexible, waterproof, silicone rubber in a matter of hours and has a service temperature range of -50° to 180° C.  One obvious application for 3D printing such a material would be custom gaskets.

More information is available on HYREL 3D's web site.