Earlier this year the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) announced the opening of their "Launch Day 2013 Competition." Participants from all over the world were invited to create 3D printable pinewood-derby style cars which would be released down a ski-slope shaped track at the opening of the Industrial Design Society of America Conference. There were three categories to choose from: best design, best crash and best flight. The winner of each category took home their very own 3D printer and the runners-up took home a $100 gift card to Inventables.com. The results are in and the winners are:

First Place Design & Crash: Donkey Kong

The Donkey Kong Car designed by Priority Designs in Gahanna, Ohio took home the top prize for both Best Design and Best Crash. It was designed to look like a barrel which contained a small 3D printed Nintendo-esque scene. After launch it shattered on impact sending pieces of the barrel, Mario and Princess Peach flying in all directions.

First Place Best Flight:

Reut Kovetz of Fahrenheit Design in Austin, Texas came up with the winning entry for Best Flight. His Ballona car was also designed to break apart on impact and was made from a group of loosely connected spheres. The balls just kept right on rolling after the crash, going farther than the pieces of anyone else's car and clinching the victory for Kovetz.

You can take a look at the video of the competition here, in all its high-flying, smashable glory: