Pine Cone is a collection of desktop items which take their inspiration from the spiraling seeds of trees

Isaac Budmen

Isaac Budmen is an artist, designer and inventor who has logged thousands of hours producing models, prototypes and finished products with his 3D printer.

Budmen currently works as an artist with the Digital Media Lab at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and his 3D printed artworks have been featured in the collections at the London Science Museum. The artist has also given invited talks at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, South By Southwest Festival and at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

His Pine Cone is a collection of desktop items which take their inspiration from the spiraling seeds of trees, and he says the idea was to "translate the loveliness of nature into our everyday objects."

"Instead of shrinking ourselves, what if we imagined a world where the leaves on the trees were the size of blankets and the acorns the size of our hearts?" Budmen says.

Now Budmen has released his set for desktop fabrication, and the pieces are available for digital download at Cults3D, a repository of 3D printable items. His Desktop Conifer is a demonstration of the complex geometries and growth algorithms of nature.

Budmen says that his Illusory Acorn was meant to sit on a desktop where users can "squirrel away precious items safely. This playful object prints in two parts, the acorn top and acorn bottom, and clasps together with a hidden bayonet connector."

His Sequoia Organizer serves, along with its obvious esthetic qualities, as a piece of office equipment to organize memos, notes and letters. With its use of the unique geometry of the Sequoia cone, the organizer is also available through

In addition to his work as an artist, Budmen is also the author of The Book on 3D Printing with co-author Anthony Rotolo.Rotolo is a professor at Syracuse University and a leading expert on digital technologies. He's also the founding director of the Starship NEXIS, a research laboratory that explores new and experimental areas like social networking and 3D printing.