Perhaps the most important part of the 3D printing workflow is creating properly structured and airtight files for output, and 3D Systems has just debuted two products aimed at the consumer market to simplify the process.

3DS previewed the iSense 3D scanner, a next-generation consumer scanner for use with the iPad at the recent CES show. Made for 3DS by Occipital, and powered by Structure Sensor technology, iSense can be used on the fly to scan anything – and you're not required to stand still or place an object into a box to get it done.

By attaching the iSense to an iPad, users can walk around and scan entire objects or environments to encode a nearly photo-realistic copy of the target. Powered by the same software as the popular Sense scanner, iSense is essentially a  "point and shoot" device.

The company says iSense will cost $499 when it hits the market some time during the second quarter of this year.

"We're excited to bring a sleek, new physical-photography device to iPad lovers," said Rajeev Kulkarni, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Products, for 3D Systems. "iSense has the most diversity in its class for scan size and can capture everything from a delicious cupcake to a full body selfie, processing in seconds to a 3D printable. And it comes with powerful, intuitive software that lets the user crop and enhance with easy and automated tools."

The company say the iSense fully integrates with the Cube family of consumer (and prosumer) 3D printers offering direct upload options to for cloud printing in a range of materials including Ceramix, Aluminix and Clear.

And as an added bonus, iSense will be fully compatible with apps designed for Occipital's Structure Sensor.

And 3D Systems didn't stop there.

Another product to see the first light of day at CES, the Touch, is a consumer-focused 3D mouse designed to give users intuitively sculpted 3D images. Working in conjunction with the company's Cubify Sculpt software, the Touch includes "force feedback," 6-degree freedom positional sensing, a pair of integrated stylus switches and a USB 2.0 interface.

Just like the iSense 3D scanner, the Touch 3D mouse will hit the market in mid-2014 and retail for the same $499.