Isis3D Announces Improved Isis One

Isis3D, a young and ambitious 3D printer startup, say they've just released a dramatically improved version of their Isis One desktop 3D printer.

The latest iteration now features precision-aligned dual extruders for soluble support, and the team at Isis say it's capable of printing "a vastly expanded range of complex geometries."

"This changes everything," said Isis3D co-founder, Marc Auger. "The new Isis One brings soluble support printing capability to all users, previously the exclusive province of vastly more expensive 3D printers."

Sample printThe Isis One is able to print simultaneously in standard thermoplastic and water-soluble PVA, and they say the key is that this new offering "frees users from the historic limits on extrusion based 3D printing." Featuring automatically-generated support structures which can be cleanly dissolved away after the print is finished, Auger says this version of the Isis One makes it possible to create "sophisticated and realistic prototypes, art of unprecedented complexity, elaborate mechanical systems, and complicated architectural models."

The dual extruder Isis One features dynamic bed leveling, a system which automatically probes the print bed at the beginning of each print and then uses the printer's 'Z' system to compensate for the actual plane of the bed. The team at Isis One says they invested over a year in engineering an exceptionally robust and reliable machine completely from scratch, going through dozens of iterations until their unyielding high standards were met.

"When we started out, we saw a ton of consumer printers on the market, almost all of which were suffering from the same reliability and print quality problems," says Stephanie Avalos-Bock, Auger's co-founder. "They were novel, and they had pretty lights, but you couldn't do much with them. It was clear that what was needed was something better, something rigorously engineered, something more fully thought out. Our goal was to close the gap between the cheap, toy printers and the outrageously expensive professional machines."

Another feature of the new Isis One dual extruder is its new print head. Each extruder has two driven feed wheels, geared to provide 135 N cm of torque. The makers say "it never slips, strips, or jams."

Along with soluble support, the Isis One features a fully-heated borosilicate glass bed, a 300 x 300 x 225 mm (12 x 12 x 9 inch) build volume and production printing through its LCD Smart Controller console, which allows standalone, computer-free printing.

The new dual extruder Isis One desktop 3D printer is available for $2399, and the package includes starter spools of PLA and PVA filament, and a KISSlicer Pro license. Isis3D is currently shipping pre-orders and is quoting a lead time of 12 weeks on new orders. Shipping is free within the continental United States and Canada.