If you are interested in learning ZBrush, Joseph Drust is a name you should know. Online, Drust's Zbrush tutorials are some of the best to be found. He has created learning content for Digital Tutors, ZBrushWorkshops and of course, Pixologic's ZClassroom.

As evident from his ZBrushCentral account, Drust can sculpt just about anything and some of his best tutorials focus on custom characters with hard-edged accessories (boots, armor, helmets, weapons, etc.). With his past experience as a Lead Character Artist for Ubisoft, Drust has built up a library of sculpting knowledge which he freely enjoys sharing with the rest of the ZBrush community.

Drust is also highly knowledgeable of the various techniques used to validate highly complex  geometries for 3D printing. He was part of the  ZBrush team at the Burbank 3D Printer World Expo where his skills were put to the test ensuring that eight full-color, highly-detailed sculpts were print-ready for next day turnaround.

Drust is now Creative Development Manager at Pixologic and has released a killer set of hard-edge modeling tutorials focused on helmet design. He goes through just about everything you need to know for hard-edged modeling with ZBrush. Many of the techniques that Drust employs focus on creating a high level of detail in a short amount of time. Budding industrial designers who want to create stunning products for 3D printing should take advantage of the series' insights on creating complicated geometric forms quickly and efficiently.