This year's annual ZBrush Sculpt-Off at 3D Printer World in Burbank, Calif. was centered on a Kaiju versus Jaeger theme. For those who don't know what that is, think of the movie Pacific Rim – monsters versus humanoid mechs.

The contestants were 16 of the most talented 3D artists the entertainment and gaming industries have to offer, with representation from Blizzard Entertainment, Bioware, Warner Animation Group, Disney Interactive, Darkside Game Studios, The Aaron Sims Company, Ironklad Studios, Tonikoro Studios, DICE LA, Sony Santa Monica, Legacy Effects, Hangar 13 and The Mill.

The two simultaneous contests were sponsored by Pixologic, 3D Systems Gentle Giant Studios, FSL3D, Wacom and 3DRP.

The artists battled in groups of four on center stage Friday and 3DRP printed their models overnight on full color 3D Systems 3D printers. On Saturday, Pixologic enabled online voting and 3D Printer World attendees voted for their favorites in the exhibit hall where the printed figures were displayed.

Each artist was allowed to keep the 3D print of his sculpt. First place for the Kaiju went to Paul Liaw, with second place going to last year's champion, Rafael Grassetti. First place for the Jaeger went to Justin Fields, with Furio Tedeschi placing second. The winners received a Pegasus Touch SLA 3D Printer from FSL3D, plus a larger version of their 3D printed figure, courtesy of 3D Systems Gentle Giant Studios. The runners-up received a Wacom Cintiq 13.

Each first place winner also now holds a ZBrush Title Belt which they are expected to defend next year. Yes, they are belts just like a boxing or MMA champion would wear.

Kaiju Showdown

Organic Contestant Prints


Jaeger Showdown

Hard Surfaces Contestant Prints

We would like to thank Pixologic and in particular their resident master of ceremonies and ring announcer, Paul Gaboury, for hosting the premier event in live 3D sculpting and printing at 3D Printer World. We would also like to thank the brilliant professional artists and their fans, without whom it simply wouldn't have been possible.

Jaeger Showdown – Hard Surface Contestants


Kaiju Showdown – Organic Contestants