You just locked yourself out of your apartment and everything from your car keys to your wallet are safe – and utterly useless to you – behind the security of the front door in your building.

Now KeyMe, a startup company bent on revolutionizing the way we store, manage and duplicate keys, has launched a new 3D key printing service to get you out of your jam and back into your home.

In partnership with Shapeways, the 3D printing marketplace and community, KeyMe offers mail order 3D printed house or apartment keys via the KeyMe iOS app. In addition to that service, users can store a digital copy of their key – which can be output from any 3D printer – without the need for the original.

KeyMe also offers a very nifty mobile key scanning service, digital key storage in the cloud, key duplication and delivery via mail order.

If you're in New York, KeyMe provides emergency lockout key delivery service and physical key cutting kiosks in 7-Eleven and Bed Bath & Beyond stores across Manhattan.

And you say you need a little style with your key?

No problemo. The new offering lets users order 3D printed keys in plastic, brass or gold via the KeyMe iOS app. At prices ranging from $10 (for the most basic plastic key) right up to $4000 for a bling-ready solid gold one, users can select from a wide range of fun designs for the handle of their keys. Options include initials, symbols, or a customized design of their own creation. The company also offers a range of popular shapes.

If you're really inclined to take personalization of your keys to the next level, users can submit a photo of themselves, a friend or family member and have a 3D model of that person's head printed to top off their keys to the kingdom.

"3D printing is becoming a more popular method of producing high quality, consumer facing products," said Greg Marsh, CEO and Founder of KeyMe. "We're excited to be working with Shapeways, the leader in this field."

KeyMe began in June 2013 by launching five physical kiosks in 7-Eleven stores across Manhattan, and since then, the company has launched an iOS app to service a national audience as well as their emergency lockout key delivery service. KeyMe plans to expand to other major US cities in early 2014.

You can get the KeyMe app at the iTunes App Store via