Southern California-based Blue Eagle Labs has launched the Kossel Clear 3D printer on Kickstarter. Its humble $10,000 initial funding goal has been quadrupled after only two days.

The Kossel Clear is based on Johann Rocholl's Kossel, an open source delta robot FFF 3D printer. Its most intriguing and innovative feature is also a result of Rocholl's research – auto calibration. The print head includes a probe that is capable of measuring the distance from the bed to the nozzle at a number of points. That distance data is then used by the Kossel Clear to compensate for subtle variations in the build platform, from tape discrepancies to previous print build-up. This is a significant feature in terms of time savings and maintenance, the kind of thing more commonly associated with professional class printers.

Blue Eagle Labs boasts an easier than usual kit experience with the Kossel Clear, designed for first-time builders. It has fewer than 200 parts and will include complete build documentation and supporting HD video on Youtube and their own web site. All acrylic parts are numbered and easily referenced in the videos. Nothing needs to be hand cut, no measuring tape is necessary. Everything is pre-cut and tapped, with fixed holes, so it's a matter of tightening screws. They developed this design after testing with inexperienced 3D printer builders. For those who prefer to skip kit construction and go straight to printing, the unit is also available fully assembled.