Jeff Moe founded Aleph Objects in 2011. An open source advocate and a longtime member of the free software community, he based his startup on the philosophy of freedom, or “Libre Hardware.”

It’s paid off. Today, about 18 months after opening for business, Moe and his team are operating a fast growing company that distributes materials, hardware, electronics and tools for RepRap 3D printers under the LulzBot brand. Aleph Objects also manufactures LulzBot 3D printers and ships them fully assembled across the globe through its supply chain of distributors. Some 59 countries and growing, we’re told.

Jeff MoeJeff Moe, CEO of Aleph Objects

Closer to home, colleges and high schools along Colorado’s Front Range are integrating 3D printers into classrooms and courses, and LulzBot is playing a significant role, according to the Denver Post. Indeed, Colorado University researchers just allocated a portion of their National Science Foundation grant to purchase LulzBot 3D printers and one of them is headed for Platt Middle School in Boulder as a pilot project. 

Also, the LulzBot team recently collaborated with The 3D Printing Store in Denver – one of the country’s few retail 3D print shops – to hold an open house and run demonstrations of several 3D printers in action, including the new LulzBot AO-101.

By all accounts, Aleph Objects appears to be doing a lot of things right so we asked Mr. Moe if he wouldn’t mind talking to us about his company and the broader 3D printer marketplace. He was kind enough to do us the favor.