And the winner is...

Local Motors has selected the winner of their Local Motors 3D Printed Car Design Challenge, and the  winning project will be created during the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago from September 8-13.

The prize went to Strati, a concept by Italian automotive designer Michele Anoè of Turin.

A judging panel of industry heavyweights chose Anoè's design for its aesthetics, but perhaps more importantly, for the project's compatibility with additive manufacturing technology.

Bre Pettis, the CEO of Makerbot and a member of Local Motors' board of directors, says the choice came down selecting the project which best represented the idea of  "simple and clean, with character,"

"Michele's design offers an excellent balance between innovation, complexity and practicality," said Lonnie Love from the Robotics and Manufacturing Systems Research department at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, co-sponsors of the challenge. "It has good 3D lines and the retractable roof is really cool."

For his efforts, Anoè will see his car actually built – and he takes home $5000 in cash from Local Motors.

For his efforts, Anoè will see his car actually built – and he takes home $5000 in cash from Local Motors.

"This vehicle may well be the coolest vehicle on the planet, at least to those of us in manufacturing technology," said Rick Neff, Manager, Market Development for Cincinnati Incorporated. "I am excited to help judge the design competition for the 3D-Printed Vehicle that will influence how we manufacture many things. This will be the first application of a BAAM machine from Cincinnati Incorporated."

To enter the challenge, designers submitted three distinct views of their project, a mise-en-scene view and a description of the benefits and innovations associated with the concept.

The challenge entries were voted on by the Local Motors Community on, and judged by an independent panel of experts led by Pettis, Neff, Douglas K. Woods (the President of The Association For Manufacturing Technology), Peter Eelman, Vice President – Exhibitions and Communications for The Association For Manufacturing Technology and Paul Warndorf, the Vice President for Manufacturing Technology for AMT.

There were a number of other projects from the challenge chosen for various awards, from a Community Vote Award (which went to the Internal Strut Frame design submitted by Greg Thompson) to the Mirage project, which won the Innovation Award for its use of 3D printed crumple zones integrated in the car.

Internal Strut Frame Mirage

"There are three major challenges facing the auto industry today; part count, weight, and the initial cost of tooling when creating and iterating on vehicles," said Local Motors CEO, Jay Rogers. "The hybrid Direct Digital Manufacturing process stands to address all three of these. When these hurdles are removed, we open the door to an exciting new era in automotive design and manufacturing possibilities."