Belgian insurance company DVV in conjunction with Happiness Brussels is offering their clients a totally unique service. They help their customers create 3D scans of their important keys and save those scans to a secure database. If the keys are ever lost all the member has to do is download the scans and take them to a 3D printing shop. That last step may sound difficult here in America but with UPS planning to put 3D printers in stores and a number of libraries purchasing printers for public use, it may not be so farfetched.

Both ABS and PLA are strong enough to produce working key replicas so the printed copies should be relatively cheap to produce. DVV is already offering the service to its customers and you can take a look their video advertisement here:

In other slightly less wholesome key-related news, two students from MIT gave a presentation at the Def Con Hacker's conference where they demonstrated their ability to 3D print high-security Schlage keys from something as innocuous as a photograph.