The good folks at Lulzbot are big believers in supporting hackerspaces, and they are putting their money where their mouths are.

The company is giving away eight TAZ Desktop 3D printers in its second Lulzbot Hacker Space 3D Printer Giveaway in honor of Hardware Freedom Day on March 15th. That means entries must be in by midnight Mountain Time on March 14th.

LulzBot staff will choose the winners based on the most creative hackerspace ideas for using the new 3D printer. Winners will be notified by email and announced on the LulzBot blog, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

The qualifications for entering are simple: "Any community-operated physical hackerspace, where people meet and work on their projects. Your hacker space must meet these hacker basics to qualify: community operated physical space; website/wiki; a basic set of hacker tools; belief in sharing resources and knowledge to build and make things; use and contribute to free software and open hardware projects and communities."

To learn about how LulzBot users are using their printers, visit the Case Studies section of the company's Web site.