If you get amped over axles or fired up over rotational gears, then BadKing has the ultimate box of parts to satisfy your inner-industrial cravings.

Just released from BadKing is the long awaited Mega Mech Brush Pack, an incredibly useful modeling tool for any ZBrush artist interested in creating mechanized objects and robotic mash-ups. It consists of five insert multi-mesh brushes that are compatible with ZBrush versions 4R5 and 4R6.

ZBrush's insert multi-mesh brush is an ingenious concept that enable artists to quickly kit-bash models together. Each single brush can contain over thirty unique geometric elements that can be quickly applied and combined while sculpting in ZBrush.

The geometric objects within each brush pack are incredibly detailed with the smallest mechanical nuances such as bolts, rivets, and wires defined with the utmost artistic precision.

The current five collections of the Mega Mech Brush Pack are free downloads and consist of mech weapons, mech details and optics, engines and wings, hydraulics and joints, arms, legs and cockpits.

To make the pack possible BadKing put out an open request to the global ZBrush community.  The artists contributing have done so voluntarily and their amazing talents should not go unrecognized. Contributing artists include Ben Mauro, Adam Sacco, Ioannis Karathomas, Anderson Jones, Nuttavut Baiphowongse, Jin Hao Villa, Javan Bond, Stefan Hamann, Daniel Rutherford, Max Drimakus, Nick G. Gizelis, Kumar Mhatre, Jerry Perkins, Jesse Barratt, Marko Vajagic, Jake Hempson, and C.J. Teague.

We encourage our readers to check out the web sites of the individual artists listed above. It is through their generous contribution that 3D printers worldwide will be giving birth to the robotic army of the future.