Hard on the heels of the announcement that Windows 8.1 will offer native support for 3D printers comes the first Windows 8 app that lets users browse 3D printable designs and download them to print at home. The site behind the free app is MakerShop.co, a platform for entrepreneurs who hope to earn money from their 3D printable files.

"Anyone can start a 3D printer shop on MakerShop and get their designs featured in the Windows 8 app and website front page," said MakerShop owner Michael Spivey. "To start a shop, login to the website, create a shop, upload a design. Over 15,000 3D printer designs have already been downloaded through the website."

MakerShop's new Windows 8 app will also feature instructional content from the site including things like how to start a 3D printer small business and 3D Learning: Beyond E-Learning. The free articles are tools that Spivey hopes will help others cash in on the growing 3D printing trend.

"I created the MakerShop.co website earlier in 2013 because I could see a time when "things" go viral. This is the world of 3D printing, when a kid in one country can design something great on the weekend and by the next weekend have thousands or tens of thousands of downloads of the design with people printing it out around the world."

3D printable files have been going viral left and right. Prints like Gyro the Cube and Sad Keanu have gotten massive public reactions, along with the whole series of Final Fantasy characters Shapeways recently had to take down because of copyright violations.