Johann Rocholl was born in Rostock, Germany, and aside from holding a Computer Science degree from Stuttgart University and serving as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google Analytics, he's also the inventor of the Rostock and Kossel 3D printers.

Rocholl's work is generally considered to be the leading edge of delta printer design and MakerLibre is offering a 3D printer based on his Kossel-Mini on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

"We chose to offer a Kossel-Mini – rather than a new design – because one of the most common problems faced by new users is where to get support when something goes wrong," says Key Technologist Joseph Spears. "If you need a part replaced, or if you find a bug, it's best to have some help from people besides the manufacturer."

MakerLibre, a group in the San Francisco Bay Area who started in a small maker space, says they have the experience necessary to find the best components – rather than cheap knockoffs from overseas – to make a top flight printer.

Boasting stepper motors from Kysan, a Panucatt Azteeg X5 mini controller and the hot ends made by MKV Jheads, they plan to document every aspect of building and tuning their version of the Kossel-Mini.

The say that one of the most common complaints about delta printers (and RepRaps in general) is the difficulty of finding proper documentation. Every version of the printers can have dozens of variants, and they aim to make sure "every single printer that comes from this Kickstarter will use the same parts and documents in the form of YouTube videos or blog entries with photos which will ultimately be stored as PDFs on GitHub.

And they add that no special skills will be required once you receive your fully-built, calibrated printer. They want your printer to be as plug and play as possible, so aside from "downloading some software to fine-tune it," the kits will be ready to roll out of the box with only minor assembly.

So why did they choose the Kossel-Mini? They say that it's the fact that the device can print with a variety of materials including Laywoo-D3, PLA and Laybrick, and with upgrades like a new Mini-Viki LCD controller from Panucatt Devices, a heated bed, custom panels and a door in acrylic with built-in spool holder, their printer is "a beautiful machine" which will set you back $849 for the fully-upgraded and assembled printer.

The Full Kit includes everything needed to assemble their Kossel-Mini "down to the last screw, nut, wire and zip tie." Included are the controllers, steppers, belts, hot end, extrusion and rails kits, endstops, bearings, arms, power supply, gears, tubing, all fasteners, 170mm round borosilicate glass and of course the plastic parts kit in your choice of MakerLibre colors. The kit also includes a roll of PLA filament in the color of your choice from