Materialise has announced the launch of their MiniMagicsPRO software. It is a professional STL communication tool that can generate quotes based on the file quality and build orientation and size of each part. You can also compare the initial design measurements with the completed part and generate a report.

"We believe there are different needs when looking at a service bureau environment. You have the customers of the service bureau who need a tool to view STL files and to communicate with their service provider. Then the data enters the shop floor and some form of a quote or part analysis needs to be generated," said Materialise Product Manager Tim Van den Bogaert. "Materialise offers advanced solutions for this, but we believe there is also a place for something more affordable and simpler. A tool in which you can inspect a file and make a report with its basic parameters. When the file has been printed, a simple and low cost software should enable the measurement department to check whether the printed part is within tolerances and generate a report of this. We aimed to cover both of these needs with the MiniMagicsPRO software."

Purchase of the MiniMagicsPRO software is via private quote only. If you are interested in finding out more about it you can take a look at the official website.