Belgian 3D printing service bureau Materialise has announced the immediate availability of a new material they are calling "rubber-like."  It is not yet finalized and is being offered as a trial to all customers with one major caveat.  Objects made from this material cannot be sold, distributed or imported to the United States.  Materialise is working to solve this issue.

Rubber-like is a thermoplastic polyurethane known by the technical name, TPU 92-A1.  It begins as a fine, off-white, granular powder, but is dyed black after finishing.  Products made with it exhibit strength, durability and flexibility.  It is abrasion resistant, but shows a limited level of detail and has a sandy, granular look.  Maximum build size for items made with rubber-like is 320 x 270 x 300 mm.  Minimum wall thickness is 1 mm and minimum detail is 0.5 mm.

Possible uses include haute couture, models that need shock absorption, gadgets, flexible and functional objects.  Materialise stresses this is not rubber – it isn't that strong.  However, in many ways, it has similar characteristics.  During the trial, rubber-like will cost €2/cubic cm, with a €5 handling fee per model (additional models are €3).

More information is available on the i.materialise blog.