Earlier today, Toronto's Matterform announced that due to the overwhelming success of their IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, they will be expanding their company in order to meet the demand for their Photon 3D scanners. With 14 days still remaining, they have already exceeded 425% of their original goal and do not appear to be losing momentum.

The first three batches of scanner packages have sold out and a fifth package has just been added. All of this success means that what began as a quest for two avid makers to build a low priced, accessible scanner for the masses has grown into a thriving young business that now requires more space and support staff.

Adam Brandejs of Matterform recently posted an update explaining the situation. "When we started this we wanted to give everyone the best possible product we could, for the best price possible. Profit just wasn’t in the equation. This was about freedom. We quit our jobs and we were going to eat macaroni & cheese for dinner, and cast the plastic ourselves." He continued, "We can’t make 700 units (11,900 plastic parts) as just Drew and Adam in a 600 sq/ft space."

It appears success has crept up on these guys with a vengeance. No longer just a crowd funding project, this is now a company looking to hire additional staff, lease bigger space and pay more rent. In essence, they have become a business with ongoing platform considerations. As a result, the Photon's price is going to increase to C$599. This is still unprecedentedly low for a professionally-built 3D scanner, but it is clear Matterform's founders were disappointed to have to make the adjustment.

For those who have already pledged, there is a beneficial side effect. Ramping up production and staffing could mean faster delivery. People may get their Photons sooner. At the time of this writing, there are still over a hundred pledges available at the previous price of C$449.

Matterform's Photon 3D Scanner in use