Southern California's MatterHackers has announced the release of MatterControl 0.8.1. MatterControl is free software for organizing and managing 3D print jobs, with integrated slicing. It allows you to create a library of parts and queue multiple files for printing.

MatterControl comes with pre-configured settings for certain 3D printers and more are being added all the time. It is also capable of importing slicing settings. The latest release (0.8.1) includes bug fixes and the addition of CuraEngine, a C++ implementation of SkeinForge. It is now possible to print with either Slic3r or CuraEngine.

"Things are going really well.  We are doubling our number of testers weekly and always adding new printers to the lab," said Lars Brubaker, CEO of Matterhackers. "There is still more testing to be done, but our goal is for 0.9.0. to be an open beta."

0.8.1 Key Features (in addition to CuraEngine):

  • New STL manipulation controls. You can now Mirror, Rotate and Scale your models while in MatterControl.
  • Integrated slice settings help. Every single setting lets you know how best to use it.
  • 3D preview is much faster and more robust.
  • GCode preview now shows the difference between travel and printing moves.
  • You can now visualize the build volume of your printer in the 3D view.

MatterHackers actively pursues comments and ideas from its MatterControl testers. If you are interested in becoming involved, the latest version can be downloaded from the MatterHackers web site.