Mcor Technologies in Ireland has added two new reselling partners to their global lineup: NE3DP in Boston Massachusetts and Pitotech in Taiwan. Mcor has been aggressively adding resellers over the past year – a move that has resulted in their sales figures skyrocketing more than six hundred percent.

The newest Mcor reseller, NE3DP, plans to sell and service Mcor's IRIS and Matrix 300+ paper-based 3D printers across New England. They will also provide rapid prototyping printing services for businesses in the area. NE3DP's founder, Don Fienman, has more than eight years of experience with 3D printing and more than 25 years of experience working with designers and engineers. "When I first saw Mcor 3D printing, I was immediately impressed with how such a sophisticated technology is so easy to use," said Don Fienman, President of NE3DP. "In addition, the cost effectiveness of using ordinary paper, Mcor's full color capabilities and ease of post processing parts vs. competitive 3D printing technologies are all game changers."

Pitotech in Taiwan also believes Mcor's paper-based 3D printers are worthwhile. "We pride ourselves on advanced technical knowledge, offering our customers high-quality 3D solutions and building long-term customer relationships," said, Daniel Chien, CEO of Pitotech. "We selected Mcor's paper-based 3D printing technology because it enables us to provide our customers with professional, full-color 3D printing at a very low cost, therefore best meeting their long-term needs. That is something our customers deeply value."

Pitotech was established in 1992 and is located in Chang Hua City, Taiwan. They are currently a leading provider of 3D technology solutions for commercial, research and educational organizations. Like NE3DP, Pitotech plans to sell and service Mcor's 3D printers as well as providing 3D printing services throughout their community.

Mcor has announced plans to continue adding reselling partners worldwide throughout 2013. The number of channel partners working with Mcor has increased 1200% over the last year and they show no signs of slowing down or stopping. Mcor's non-toxic paper based 3D printers are also making waves in hospitals and within universities throughout the United States.