Mcor Iris Printed Map

Mcor has just announced the addition of three new reselling partners in Japan, South America and Thailand. This news comes just a week after the announcement that Mcor has experienced a 600% increase in sales over the last ten months.

Mcor manufactures the only line of desktop paper 3D printers in the world and the number of resellers they are taking on represents a 1200% increase over where they were last year. The newest resellers to join the team are Solucion3D in South America, JBM Corporation in Japan and Septillion in Thailand.

Solucion3D is located in Providencia, Santiago, Chile and plans to distribute Mcor's line of IRIS paper-based 3D printers throughout Peru, Chile and Argentina.

"We selected Mcor 3D printing technology because it is a perfect fit for where we see our business growing," said Julien Epstein, CEO of Solucion3D. "The unique combination of Mcor's full-color capability and low operating costs make it a spectacular fit for the South American market."

Across the world in Osaka, Japan, JBM Corporation made a similar announcement.

"We are very excited about being appointed as Mcor's distributor for Japan. We believe that we can leverage our extensive experience in the Japanese market," said Mr. Taiji Sano, CEO of JBM.

JBM specializes in the sales and service of CAD/CAM systems and they have been ranked first in worldwide Mastercam sales for the last twelve years. JBM plans to use their experience in the 3D software market to bring Mcor's products into the medical, architecture and product design markets.

The third company to join the Mcor distribution network is Septillion, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Company founder Vorawat Vadhanakovint, is the third generation successor of a family business in plastic manufacturing. Septillion plans to sell and service Mcor's range of 3D printers along with setting up a new 3D printing bureau service under the brand PrintMyDesign.

"We are thrilled to represent Mcor in Thailand. It is like a dream come true. From virtual to reality in high definition colors, we believe our customers in various industries will use the Mcor IRIS to help in their work, saving them time and money," said Mr. Vorawat Vadhanakovint, founder of Septillion. "The Mcor IRIS and Matrix 300+ will be positioned as our high-end 3D printers, targeting markets such as education, medical and manufacturing."

Mcor was established in 2004 by 3D printing, software and CAD/CAM specialists. They plan to continue adding reselling partners worldwide.