myeasy3D3D Printer manufacturer Mcor Technologies has teamed up with retail giant Staples to offer a new in-store 3D printing service called "myeasy3D". Customers can upload their digital files to the Staples Office Center and then pick up their completed print in-store or have it shipped to their address.

Mcor printers use regular office grade paper to produce full color three dimensional models. Wouter Van Dijk, President of the Staples Printing Systems Division in Europe believes the Mcor printers will help them fill a much-needed niche while keeping printing costs low. "Given our market leadership in commercial print, why would we ever stop at two dimensions? Customized parts, prototypes, art objects, architectural models, medical models and 3D maps are items customers need today, in a more affordable and more accessible manner. Mcor will help us to keep prices low, quality high and color brilliant as we meet the demand."

Mcor's founder, Dr. Conor MacCormack was also delighted with the new partnership. In the official press release he states, "Although 3D printing is evolving on a similar path to 2D printing, there are no safe, full-color, low-cost, high-quality 3D printers available on the market today that are suitable for true consumer in-home use. Until that time, consumers will look to service bureaus. Staples is uniquely positioned to become the top service bureau to the world, and we will help them deliver highest quality and value. Staples myeasy3D is a breakthrough service in innovation and access for consumers and businesses alike."

The myeasy3D printing service is being pioneered in the Netherlands but they plan to expand the service to other locations in the future. This may eventually end up bringing some competition to the new UPS in-store printing service that has just launched in San Diego.