Mcor Technologies, manufacturer of the only line of desktop paper-based 3D printers in the world, has announced that Tennessee based Avery Designs and Silicon Valley based Zip-Bit are their newest reselling partners.

Last month, Mcor announced a 600% increase in sales over the past year. That skyrocketing sales figure is largely due to the aggressive way they have been adding resellers worldwide. Now, two new US based partners have been welcomed into the Mcor fold.

Avery Designs plans to sell and service Mcor's IRIS and Matrix 300+ line of paper-based 3D printers throughout the Nashville, parts of Tennessee, northern Georgia and northern Alabama.

"Mcor's technology is the future of 3D printing, enabling us to easily and affordably replenish the build materials and produce a much wider and more diverse line of products," said Christopher Hampton, CEO of Avery Designs. "We intend to expand and a full-color printer like the Mcor IRIS allows for many more possibilities. Other printers we considered were too expensive to use and produced fragile 3D printed models."

One of Avery Designs' services converts ultrasound data of unborn babies to 3D printed statuette works of art that you can hold in your hands and keep on your mantle, along with a full line of customizable objects.

The other new US-based retailer, Zip-Bit plans to sell Mcor 3D paper-based printers to technology companies, product designers, medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers, as well as architects across Silicon Valley.

"Silicon Valley is a key market for us and we have an office in San Jose," said Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies. "Zip-Bit's proven 3D printing expertise, combined with their ability to assist early stage businesses and other entrepreneurs, will provide virtually unlimited business potential and bring affordable, professional-quality 3D printing to everyone in the region."

Mcor has also been making the rounds at recent US-based trade shows. Dr. MacCormack made a presentation at the Chicago 3D Printing Show and they set up a nice display booth at Siggraph.