I'm in the mood for love, simply because my 3D printer is near me.

The London-based 3D printable file sharing platform My Mini Factory is hosting a Valentine's 3D printable design contest.

The grand prize is an all expenses paid trip for two at a five star spa, including travel and dinner to get that someone special in your life in the mood for love with you. The estimated value is £1000 ($1,643 USD).

"This contest is the third we have run since launching in July of last year, and is a great opportunity for designers to experiment with pushing the boundaries for what is possible with desktop 3D printing," My Mini Factory Community Manager Eva Sbaraini said.

Just develop and upload a 3D model design. Entries will be accepted through January 27th. All entries will be 3D test printed to assess their printability and functionality. If it successfully passes a print test, it will be entered into the contest. Designers will be given feedback if there are any problems with their design.

All successful applicants will receive a 3D print of their object.

Entries will then each be given an individual Web page to receive public downloads. The design with the most downloads will be dubbed the grand prize winner.

Entries should follow one of two themes:

Theme 1 - Gadgets – a 3D printable gadget.

Design a functional 3D printable gadget. Examples include an accessory for a bike, a mobile phone case or a useful office device. The gadget doesn't have to have a Valentine's theme.

Theme 2 - Keepsake/Gift- a 3D printable Valentine's gift or keepsake for a loved one.

Create a 3D printable keepsake or gift, something you'd give to a loved one on February 14th. Examples include a printable photo frame, a piece of jewelry incorporating a heart, or a show-piece to grab the attention of your one and only.