3D Printing Jobs Chart

New technologies bring with them new opportunities and create practical value as well – in this case, an array of new jobs which require 3D printing and design knowledge.

Freelancer.com has released its Fast 50 report which includes the hard numbers they collect on job growth across various disciplines and industries, and that data reveals a great leap forward in the number of 3D imaging jobs being outsourced.

In fact, the top 50 list saw increases in opportunities for job hunters with 3D design (31.6%), 3D modeling (13.2%), 3D animation (9.2%) and 3D rendering (11%) skills.

"This quarter's Fast 50 confirms what I and many other industry leaders have known for years – the developed world has a STEM shortage, and our education systems are often years behind the cutting edge," said Freelancer.com Chief Executive, Matt Barrie. "We risk making our University system irrelevant in a world that is increasingly adopting online education platforms.

Barrie says that businesses are faced with a lack of local technical talent, and that small businesses and startups are increasingly turning to job outsourcing platforms like his to find STEM workers.

According to Barrie, the entire range of 3D-related activities has "soared on the back of continual 3D printing advances."

As the average price of a domestic 3D printer continues to drop, a whole industry surrounding 3D design and modeling is expanding, and for the 8th consecutive quarter, 3D printing related industries have shown strong growth.

The Freelancer report says that growth represents a total gain of over 144% compared to Q2 2013, and that during this quarter alone, 3D Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering and 3D Animation opportunities for job seekers are up 31.6% (to 1061 jobs), 13.2% (to 3657 jobs), 11.0% (to 3090 jobs) and 9.2% (to 3475 jobs) respectively.

As a result, Barrie says the past two years of Freelancer.com data indicates a continuous upward trend, and adds that "acceleration in 2014 affirms that the next industrial revolution has arrived."

The company says strong growth in the 3D industry has spurred technologists and corporations into an arms race to design and patent the latest in 3D technology and tools.

Barrie points to a recent 3D Printing Technology Insight Report from the Patent Insight Group which showed a dramatic rise in the total number of published patents over the last 52 years within the 3D printing industry. The number of patents published for 3D printing and additive manufacturing in the last three and a half years equates to almost the entire number awarded in the previous 50 years combined.

In a conversation with Freelancer.com, two members of the site, a freelancer service provider and an employer looking for a qualified 3D artist, say they're both benefiting from the wide-ranging adoption of 3D printing technology and tools.

"I was out of work for about 2 ½ months, the reason being my previous work, 3D visualization for architecture, severely slowed down and the company started to cut the hours," said Adler Romero. "I was looking everywhere for work. If I had not been able to find anything, I probably would have been kicked out of my house. I had made US$2,500 by the end of my first project commissioned by Richard of Rosa Miniatures and Garden (RosaMG)."