Designers at Ogle Models and Prototypes will be using ZW3D software in the future.

ZW3D's clear workflow, simple interface and embedded tutorial are expected to shorten the learning curve considerably, which should allow Ogle designers to immediately begin work on projects like scanning aircraft interiors and seating projects.

Additionally, ZW3D is guaranteeing strong support service, with answers to all CAD/CAM questions within 24 hours.

"When choosing the 3D design software, whether it is easy to use and efficient is a priority, but ZW3D offers more than that," Ogle Director of Sales and Marketing. Dave Bennion said. "We are very glad to receive answers to technical questions from ZW3D within 24 hours."

Ogle officials are expecting to eliminate external research and design costs while boosting productivity with the ZW3D software.

Ogle, which will celebrate its 60th Anniversary next year, provides models and prototypes to a diverse and global client base.

ZWSOFT, which makes ZW3D, specializes in computer assisted design and computer aided manufacturing software for the architecture/engineering/construction industry and mechanical computer-aided design industry.