Most of the 3D pens on the market are essentially hot polymer guns. They use hot parts, melted plastics and can generate a rather unpleasant smell.

Now the makers of the CreoPop say they have an entirely new solution. Their 3D printing pen uses photopolymers which are solidified using UV light to take on the task. It is essentially an SLA pen.

CreoPop bearOne of the innovative features of CreoPop is a large selection of what they call "cool inks." They say the available selection includes inks in many different colors, glow-in-the-dark inks and temperature sensitive inks.

"CreoPop packs the full power of 3D printing with light-sensitive photopolymers into the small size of a portable pen," say the designers. "Other 3D pens on the market melt ABS or PLA plastic to around 250 degrees Celsius (482 Fahrenheit). In other words, when using another 3D Pen you're holding a tiny little device at nearly the maximum temperature of a home oven."

The makers say the CreoPop pen is charged using a simple USB connection, and so it can be used anywhere in the world as long as you have access to USB charging through a computer or an adapter.

Neither the ink nor the pen becomes warm.

Billing their device as "safer than any other pen on the market," the team at CreoPop says their photopolymer technology means that neither the pen nor the ink becomes warm. They also say they make ink which does not contain any toxic material, is environmentally friendly and does not emit any unpleasant or dangerous odors.

You can get a CreoPop pen through their Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for a pledge amount of $89. The pledge includes 5 ink cartridges. Each ink cartridge can print a 14 meter line at 3mm diameter.

The company says they plan to ship the first batch of their pens and inks in the first quarter of 2015.